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Stocking parts and supplies for dirt track racing

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Ruhlman Race cars offers Shock dyno services as well as complete shock and spring packages custom suited to your program. We work on all brands of shocks and can rebuild and custom valve your shocks. We deal in Bilstein, Penske, Ohlins, Integras, Afcos and others. Call us for all of your suspension tuning needs.

We also offer dual rate spring packages, bump stop packages, and have the knowledge and experience to provide you all the necessary components and set-up information you need.


Ruhlman Race Cars angle slotted J-bar frame mounts. Available in both steel and aluminum versions. 

Lift arm conversion kits available to convert your pull bar modified to a lift arm car. We offer free tech support to all of our customers. 

Front bumper kits for Chevelle and Metric frames. Includes everything you need to convert your car to the latest style front bumper system. All of our bumpers are made from 4130 condition N chrome moly tubing. 


New style Rocket rear bumpers. Right side of lower bumper is angled for more clearance and added strength. Made from 1-1/4" chrome moly tubing. 

5" x .080" thick aluminum spoiler kit for modifieds

8x72" x .080" Aluminum Late model spoiler kits. (Available powder coated or plain)

We produce and sell UMP certified tubular lower control arms to fit metric frames. 

These lowers give the widest track available and are patterned after the 70-81 Camaro left side and Ford LTD Crown Vic right side.  They use a screw in balljoint and have the spring helix built into the lower spring mount so the spring can be installed right side up. 

They come powder coated gloss black. $189.99 each and include the UMP series approval sticker.

Spacer kits are $14.99 per control arm. 

We also offer a complete front suspension package in kit form to convert your metric frame modified to our front suspension.

Call us for details and pricing.


We offer a modified 6th coil assembly that utilizes a polyurethane spring element that gives a 400lb/in rate. The assembly includes everything shown here and is powder coated. $169.99 ea.


These aluminum nose gussets stiffen the nose and help to protect the bottom lip from damage. $9.95 each.


We sell these plastic nose support strips that fasten under the lip of the MD3 nose and attach to the bottom of the bumper through predrilled holes in the support. They are made from 3/16" thick plastic. They make mounting the nose very simple and support the lip on the nose to keep it from folding under.

$38.50 per side.



Extra wide bumper fits MD3 nose very well. Extra bracing on right front lower corner along with 

double wall tubing on right front lower corner makes this bumper very rugged and dependable. 

Bumper is higher on right to give plenty of ground clearance on right side.

Bumpers are two pice design for economocal shipping and storage. Also allows half of bumper to 

be replaced if one side is bent which saves money. Bumpers fit Rocket Chassis but can be narrowed

at center to fit Mastersbilt, GRT, and others.

Wide front bumper shown installed under MD3 nose. Bumper maintains full contact with nose and 

supports flares on both sides. 

Bumpers are $185.00 plus shipping and $95 ea. for replacement halves. 


Ford 9" Gear Set Cover

This product was designed to be used in Ford 9" rearend housings in place of the gear set.  The unit keeps dirt and contamination out of the housing  and allows the car to be easily moved around since the J-bar bracket can be attached to the cover.  The tip of the handle is at the same location as the centerline of the drive shaft u-joint so the drive shaft length can be measured. Powder coated in gloss red finish.

$49.95 each  (***Pinion bracket not included***) Quantity discounts and dealer inquiries invited.